Yoon nominates former boss to head broadcasting watchdog

President Yoon Suk Yeol on Wednesday nominated Kim Hong-il, the incumbent chief of the Anti-Corrupti …

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Buddhists, political leaders bid farewell to late Ven. Jaseung

Buddhists and political leaders bade their final farewell to late Ven. Jaseung, a former leader of S …

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Ocean specialist tapped as maritime affairs minister

Kang Do-hyung, president of the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, has been nominated …

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S. Korea successfully tests solid

South Korea successfully launched a solid-fuel space rocket carrying a small commercial satellite in …

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Congresswoman redoubles calls for support to designate Nov. 22 as 'Kimchi Day'

A US congresswoman renewed calls Wednesday for support to designate Nov. 22 as "Kimchi Day," named a …

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Inaugural Korea Picture Book Award honors Kim Jung

A dark comedy about creature comforts and an exploration of tightrope walking were announced as the …

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